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How Weather Affects Your Teeth

2018/02/23   |   Back to News


Did you know that changes in weather can actually cause toothaches and tooth sensitivity?

Think about it - have you ever had your teeth hurt when biting into something extremely hot or cold? When tooth enamel (a natural shield for your teeth) wears down or your gums recede, your teeth become exposed to temperature changes and are more prone to sensitivity. That’s why when you eat a hot slice of pizza or lick an ice cream cone you can sometimes experience pain and discomfort in your mouth. 

Weather functions in a similar way. When the season changes and temperatures outside become drastically warmer or cooler, your teeth can often feel the affects. In response to the heat and cold, your teeth physically expand and contract. If you have not been properly taking care of your teeth, this can quickly expose cavities, gum disease and other issues.

Now, just because you experience tooth pain from weather sensitivity doesn’t necessarily mean your teeth are in bad shape. Enamel can be worn down and gums can recede for a number of reasons. Grinding your teeth, drinking acidic beverages like soda, coffee and tea, even brushing to vigorously are common culprits of the breakdown. Be sure to be regularly (and gently) brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing with plenty of fluoride. 

If your tooth sensitivity becomes severe, see your dentist. They can help determine the cause and help provide solutions that work best for you and your needs.

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