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Brushing Your Tongue

2018/01/25   |   Back to News


We’ve talked a lot about the importance of brushing your teeth, but what about your tongue? Your tongue plays a vital role in the overall health of your mouth. Much like teeth, if the tongue is not properly cleaned and cared for, it can harbor bacteria that can fester and become detrimental to your oral health. 

It’s recommended that you brush your tongue every time you brush and floss your teeth. You can do this by using your toothbrush, or for a more thorough, deeper clean, you can use a tongue scraper. 

By cleaning your tongue and scrubbing away bad bacterias, your actually helping your teeth fight cavities and infection. That’s because the bacteria that grows on your tongue can often be the source of plaque and other harmful bacteria that damage your teeth. 

So what are the dangers of not brushing your tongue?

Well, for starters, you can expect very, very bad breath. That’s because, if left unchecked, the bacteria on the back of your tongue will overgrow and begin giving off a foul stench. That smell then circulates around your mouth causing bad breath. The same bacteria can also create a biofilm over your tongue, dulling your tastebuds. 

Finally, an unbrushed tongue can lead to serious infections in your mouth, like yeast infections and periodontal disease. Not only do these cause serious pain and inflammation, it can mean lasting damage to your mouth, your teeth, and your overall health.

If you are worried you may have a serious infection from your tongue, or have questions regarding toothbrush and tongue scraper recommendations, give our office a call to speak to our team of experts: 850-640-2162

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