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5 Foods To Help Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

2018/01/23   |   Back to News


Looking for natural ways to help whiten your smile? Then it’s mother nature to the rescue! Here are five foods that can help you strengthen and whiten your teeth, helping you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile:


1. Strawberries

Not only are strawberries a refreshing seasonal treat, they contain malic acid, ellagitannins, and antioxidants that help reduce stain-attracting bacteria on your teeth. Their levels of Vitamin C also play a part in prevent gum inflammation, giving you a whiter, healthier smile.




2. Cheese

“Cheese!” isn’t just what you say when you smile - it helps give you your smile! Cheese has strong minerals inside of it, including calcium, phosphorus and proteins. Each of these minerals help protect the enamel around your teeth. The lactic acid also helps strengthen your teeth.




3. Broccoli

Due to its high volume of fiber, broccoli helps reduce inflammation in your mouth. Its iron content also adds an extra wall of protection against enamel-degrading acids that bacteria can produce, preventing stains and cavities. In its crisp raw form,  Broccoli can also clean and polish your teeth.




4. Apples

As a fruit that requires a lot of chewing to eat, the crunchiness of apples act as a great cleansing exercise for your mouth. The flesh of an apple is a natural scrubber and actually helps wash particles and bacteria of your teeth, keeping them nice and white.





5. Water

Although technically a drink and not a food, water plays a big role in keeping your pearly whites sparkling. Drinking water promotes saliva production in your mouth, as well as rinses out any loose plaque or food debris.



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