Fillings for Children and Adults in Panama City

When a tooth experiences damage or decay, it’s often a filling that comes to the rescue! Fillings are key in helping restore a tooth back to its original function and shape. They do this by closing off spaces of the tooth where bacteria can get in and fester, preventing any further decay.





There are two main types of fillings – composite and amalgam.


Composite Fillings are tooth-colored fillings meant to match the color and texture of your natural teeth.  The filling mixture is placed directly into the cavity or damaged spot of the tooth where it then solidifies. 


Amalgam Fillings, also known as silver fillings, have a much more noticeable appearance but are strongly resistant to wear and tear over many years.


Your dentist can detect whether or not your tooth is in need of a filling during exams and checkups. Be sure to consult with them if you are experiencing any pain or have any concerns about your teeth.

Reasons for Fillings:

  Chipped teeth

  Closing space between teeth

  Cracked or broken teeth

  Decayed teeth

  Worn teeth


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