Feeling Uncertain About Your Tooth Extraction?

There can be many reasons to have a tooth extracted. Disease can occur within the tooth, injuries to the mouth can cause painful breakage, and in some cases a tooth can overcrowd other teeth and affect their development. When these situations arise, extracting the tooth is typically the best option. It removes any disease or damage while creating room for the mouth to heal.





Tooth extractions can range from simple procedures to surgical, depending on the severity of the situation. A simple extraction is performed on a tooth that can be seen – dentists will loosen the tooth from its socket, and then use a dental instrument to remove it. Surgical extractions are more complex, dealing with teeth or pieces of tooth under the gum line.


In both cases, when a tooth is removed your mouth begins forming a blood clot that slowly fills in the socket of the bone where the tooth’s root used to be. This is how your mouth heals itself, although there are times when the assistance of stitches and other tools are needed.


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Options for Replacing a Tooth:

  Implant retained dentures

  Traditional dentures

  Dental bridges


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